Accounting & Advisory

Sunlis Management Resources Corp. is accounting consulting and management consulting company, we would  discuss with our clients regarding your financial situation, financial reports are crucial documents indicating financial information and it is a challenge for any accounting & finance department.

We provides specialized accounting and financial advisory services to businesses and organizations. We may focus on areas such as accounting consulting, management consulting, financial analysis, risk management, and transaction advisory services, etc. Our consultants/accountants can work with business owners and managers on accounting issues from bookkeeping, general ledger, reconciliation and consolidation to financial statements, and ultimately companies overcome its challenges and find solutions to its problems, our consultants will work with our clients and help companies achieve their goals.



Bookkeeping & Reports

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Sales and purchases
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Business expenditure
  • General ledger & trial balance
  • Financial statements


 Financial Advisory 

SMRC advisory experts will analyze our client’s financial situation and give them best advice for their business.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a tool to help management to review business past performance and monitor the future conditions. We help our clients to prepare business budget and forecasting for management decision.

Evaluation & Advisory

Our experts will use certain methods and statistical techniques to analysis business present and future values, forecast capital utilization, measure business assets and cash flow, the opportunities of restructuring, evaluate the business models and assets and equities efficiently for management decision makers.

Management Decision

Your success is our success. Financial information is crucial. Due to our analysis and advisory,  the business owners or managers can make right financial decisions.


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